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Before You Go (Wed rpt)

Jon Turner picks out some treats from his extensive collection of House, Hip-Hop, New Wave and more, always with melody uppermost in mind...


AFTER PARTY with DJPaul Spence (sr)

South Gloucester ex Womad DJPaul Spence has been producing shows for many years ... and it shows. Take a trip down memory lane when all you had was a couple of CDs and a few great friends. Close your eyes and relive those previous days.


Musical Connections with Paige Balas

with Paige Balas Another chance to hear Musical Connections. Musical Connections, a show full of great music, connected by a common theme but not limited to any particular genre or time other words, something for everyone. Listen to previous episodes of Musical Connections


The Americana Show

Join Rob Kendrew for a fortnightly exploration of the whole wide landscape of, roots, folk/blues and soul-based tunes, with and without a twang