#140 Sounds From The Wilderness 09 June 2024

One mans fish is another mans poisson, as they say, and never has this been more true than in the world of music.
Sundays at 21:00 on www.westwiltsradio.com repeated on Thursdays and available to listen again, SFTW promotes the wyrd, the uncategorisable and casts a beady eye over the local music and gig scene in West Wiltshire and Somerset.

01. The 180Gs – Frownland
02. The Lanky Divas – Cut Loose
03. John D Revelator – Shoot the Wounded
04. The Bucky Rage – Be My Bride
05. Kitchen Lover – The Force Inside
06. Mimi and the Miseries – Movin’ Out
07. Bully Bones – My Girl
08. The Water Gypsies – Caravan
09. Maxi Rai – Yuh Mumma
10. Malarchy – Mrs P’s Froliks and My Lovely Dancing Horse
11. Zena Harper – You’ll be Here
12. Fake – Peppermint Jet
13. Eat Your Own Head – The Trawler
14. Lords of Form – No Fear Here