#141 Sounds From The Wilderness 30 June 2024

It’s all been a bit quiet in Wilderness land due to various Real Life events, but tonight we get back on it and prepare to kiss the big ugly shark and spend an hour listening to all the best music that the local area has to offer. More fun than watching an England match or your money back.

01. Life in Mono – Madness Part 1
02. The Ullulators – Reactivate
03. J4FB – Can you Feel the Bump?
04. Zed Point – Careless
05. Hell Death Fury – Algoriddim
06. Head Noise – Tojo Head Slap
07. Oliver William Olivers – Whale Drawn to Scale
08. Whistling Treason – Trade’s End
09. Alex Pester – Annabelle
10. Lords of Form – We Soothe, You Suffer