#90 Sounds From The Wilderness 07 May 2023

In a weekend of historical goings on, SFTW anointed itself with the sacred oil and took hold of it’s orbs and whatnot in the shed of Dubious Endeavour and proclaimed itself Lord Misrule. By decree, the soundtrack for these shenanigans was be a heady brew of sounds from Wiltshire and Somerset, and was first proclaimed on 07 May 2023 on www.westwiltsradio.com

01. King Tubby – King Tubby meets Rockers Uptown
02. King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard – Satan Speeds Up
03. King Crimson – Red
04. Freddie King – Going Down
05. Ushti Baba – Industry
06. Billy in the Lowground – Follow My Road
07. Foxymoron – Signs
08. Far-Cue – Ode to Joy
09. Virus – Bling Leading the Blind
10. Magnet – Corn Rigs
11. Shoun Shoun – Did I Play Games
12. Mireille Mathlener – The Nightingale
13. Distraxi – Speed of Existence