Before You Go

Wednesdays, 7pm
repeated Sundays, 8pm

Jon Turner casts an eye over his extensive, and ever-growing, music collection and picks out some treats that maybe you’ve never heard before, but always with melody uppermost in mind — be it House, Hip-hop, New Wave, Prog-rock, Folk, UK Garage, Jazz, 60s Psychedelia, UK Bass, Techno, even Classical. Anything goes!

"I don't want to get tied down to any specific styles of music, or tempos, or eras, but just play whatever comes into my head that I like, and hopefully introduce some good tracks that you've never heard before.
Like all the shows on WWR, I'll be playing the music that I love and hopefully communicating that love."

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Before You Go #174 (17-4-24)

Before You Go

Another edition of Before You Go, Jon Turner’s hour of music spanning musical genres, bringing new delights at every twist and turn.

Before You Go is broadcast on Wednesdays at 7.00 p.m. and repeated on Sundays at 8.00 p.m. on West Wilts Radio

• Bryan MacLean – Barber John
• Donovan – Hampstead Incident
• Beyonce – Blackbiird
• Kiloto – Josephine Street
• Prince Fatty (feat. SHNIECE) – Black Rabbit
• Braille – Want It (See It Be It Feel It)
• Lusine – Crowded Room
• Makoto – Magic Hour
• The Dears – We Can Have It
• Wasuremono – A Lesson to Learn
• The Smile – Read The Room
• Hugh Hardie featuring Phaction & Javeon – Got U Wrong
• Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here (feat. Stephane Grapelli)