Progtastic #18 (22/05/24)

Rejoice! Oh citizens of Progopolis. The sacred Trireme of Prog has arrived bringing forth new releases from Trifecta, Methexis and the welcome return of Happy the Man. Also featured are a cracking Zappa track as played by Dweezil, a bit of Blue Oyster Cult and to finish some inspired Van De Graaf Generator grandeur.

1. Steven Wilson – Staircase
2. Happy the Man – Only Love
3. Happy the Man – Service With a Smile/ Morning Sun
4. Trifecta – Beck and Call
5. Blue Oyster Cult – Godzilla
6. Methexis – Χορός
7. Dweezil Zappa – Pygmy Twylyte
8. Jethro Tull – Jack in the Green
9. Van De Graaf Generator – Man-Erg