SFTW #16 – 2020 Localist Eclectrospective – 31/12/20

Alho – The Luv
Louis Mars – I’d Rather Be A Kid
Ravetank – The Phenomology of Spirit
Ravetank – Ouzo Sam
Wolfbane – Alchemy
Bryn Vincent – Be Outside
Facing The Ocean – The Wind In The Chimney
Stanton PLC – The End Of The Line
The Ullulators – Random Particle Dub
Spitbank – Love U In The Morning (Joseph Efi edit)
Manif – No Colour Without Light
Boot Hill All Stars – Kalsarikännit
Whistling Treason – Mr Preston’s In Dub
Ushti Baba – Ghost Ship
Codex Scrolls, Wolfbane, Son of Lamech – Dreams
Joam – These Sights & Shapes
Fly Yeti Fly – Heads Above Water
Beechfields – Guy’s Like
Invible System – Fete Pas Politique
Invisible Acid – Acid Frome
Cara Means Friend – Borders
Mike Maidment – Quiet Word
Wasuremono – Big Big Smiles
Echorec – Winds of Time
Isaac Vaught – Seahorse Sense
Becki Sarl, The Pinkertons, The Humperdinks – A Little Respect
Emeli Sande – Heaven [Toby Spin’s Jungle-ish Remix]
Jake Metcalfe – Goodbye Before
The Good Ending – Awake
Snowing Throw – Lose Again