Sounds From The Wilderness 08 January 2023

The best music from the local area with a few more exotic nuggets thrown in for good measure.

There’s new tracks from Billy in the Lowground, Lytupp and Kuxan Suum. Invisible Eyes are back with goat related shenanigans, there’s a single release of a couple of classic Rhythmites tracks, a new one from Jon Turner, tales of teen angst from Nostromo and some late tributes to Terry Hall and Martin Duffy

1. Can – Little Star of Bethlehem
2. Billy in the Lowground – Follow my Road
3. Lytupp – Tanta
4. Kuxan Suum – Water Element
5. Invisible Eyes – Goat Meat
6. Rhythmites – Guiding Star
7. Jon Turner – Stumble
8. Nostromo – Urban Decay
9. Primal Scream – Kill All Hippies
10. Funboy 3 – Fancy That
11. Terry Hall and Mushtaq – Ten Eleven
12. Specials – Enjoy Yourself