Progtastic #14 (13/03/24)

This week features timeless splendour from Yes, new songs from Chester Thompson and The Aristocrats, art rock from Godley and Crème and a bit of Krautrock from German legends Frumpy. 1. Budgie – Napoleon Bona Parts 1 & 2 2. K’Mono – in the lost & found 3. The Aristocrats – Sgt Rockhopper 4. Smokie … Read more

#128 Sounds From The Wilderness 25 Feb 2024

Life is all gravy in the Wilderness tonight. new tunes bursting out of everywhere in all kinds of styles, and your host gets a bit excited about Glastonbury Calling in early March. 01. Ministry – Jesus Built My Hotrod 02. Fields of Few – Mind 03. Beaulieu Porch – Giant Supermen 04. Whistling Treason – … Read more

#126 Sounds From The Wilderness 11 Feb 2024

Well, I’m being put into Holiday Club next week for half term, so I thought I’d get ahead of things by posting details of this weeks show early. As usual, loads of great new songs to prove that the local scene is full of life. 01. Toby Spin – Cogs of War/ Techno Trapper 02. … Read more

#122 Sounds From The Wilderness 14 Jan 2024

The short lived My Little Ktulu range never really caught on, possibly due to the toys having a habit of driving their owners into an eternal torment of madness and devouring their souls. Here in the Wilderness though, we are safely inured from such Lovecraftian apparitions and are just getting on with the music while … Read more