How To Listen

Streaming Live On The Web

You can listen to West Wilts Radio right here on our website, with the player below or on the home page.

On Air Now


Musical Connections Deja Vu [repeats from 2020-1]

with Paige Balas Another chance to hear Musical Connections. Musical Connections, a show full of great music, connected by a common theme but not limited to any particular genre or time other words, something for everyone. Listen to previous episodes of Musical Connections

On Smart Speaker


  • In the Alexa App ..
  • Go to: MORE –> SKILLS AND GAMES –> DISCOVER –> SEARCH –> “West Wilts Radio”
  • Tap the WWR Skill
  • You’re finished!
  • Close the app.
  • All Alexa loudspeakers on the same WiFi network will now respond to the voice command “OPEN WEST WILTS RADIO”

On our Play Again page

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