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Bradford Calling
with Joe Viall
Fridays, 9pm

The Poetry Place
with Dawn Gorman and Peter O'Grady
Sundays at 3pm

The Glass Spinner
a story for 8–12 year olds, by Lynne Benton

Sounds From The Wilderness
local music with Mick
Thursdays, 8-10pm

Before You Go
with Jon Turner
Wednesdays, 9pm

The Lost Treasure of Aquae Sulis
a children's story, by Lynne Benton

Questionable Choices
with Mick
Sundays, 8-10pm

A Polyphonic Life
with Chris Samuel
Saturdays, 5pm

The Americana Show
with Rob Kendrew
Mondays, 9-11pm

with Giles Turnbull
Mondays, 8pm

Alternative Afternoons
with Andrew Eberlin
Fridays, 3pm

The Country Show
with Peter Fairfield
Fridays, 7pm

The Classical Music Hour
with Robin and Lynne Benton
2pm, every Sunday

Jazz, Blues & More
with Wolfman Richard
Saturdays, 6pm

Classic Rock & Blues
with Gordon Hughes
Wednesdays, 7-9pm

Musical Connections
with Paige Balas
Mondays, 7pm

with DJ Paul Spence
Saturdays, 9–11pm

The Centurion's Son
a children's story, by Lynne Benton

Danger At Hadrian's Wall
a children's story, by Lynne Benton