Help for Google Chrome users

Some listeners have reported problems listening to WWR using Google Chrome, which strictly enforces internet rules about the content it displays on secure websites.

The following steps are a temporary fix:

  1. Go to our home page in Google Chrome
  2. Click the padlock at the left of the URL display bar, where it says “”
  3. A menu opens: click “Site settings”
  4. A new tab opens: scroll all the way to the bottom of the list shown
  5. The item titled “Insecure content” will be shown as “Blocked” – click the word “Blocked”
  6. More options will appear – click “Allow”
  7. Close this extra tab
  8. Refresh or reload the home page

You should now be able to listen with Google Chrome without problems.

If you do still have problems, it might be easier to try a different browser, such as Microsoft Edge if you’re using Windows, Safari on a Mac, or Firefox on just about anything.