#106 Sounds From The Wilderness 10 September 2023

Championing the Wiltshire and Somerset Music Scene since Alfred was a Boy, SFTW is all about the new, the local, the interesting and the wyrd.

An old favourite from The Horses of the Gods gets us in the zone and then new tunes from Rubber Bus, Ravetank and M3G before peering through a pint glass darkly with Devizes goth duo Deadlight Dance. After retiring to a suitably gloomy belfry we were able to have a chat about virus replication strategies, subliminal garden references and the sudden popularity of plague doctor related cosplay.

01. Horses of the Gods – Deiseil
02. Rubber Bus – DMF (bleak dub version)
03. Ravetank – Mid Life Crisis Paul McCartney
04. M3g – The Cycle
05. Deadlight Dance – interview
06. 20 Goto 10 – Cicada Killer
07. Stoned Leumur – A New Addiction
08. Gnostic Rebellion – Discordian Dreams Part 1