#122 Sounds From The Wilderness 14 Jan 2024

The short lived My Little Ktulu range never really caught on, possibly due to the toys having a habit of driving their owners into an eternal torment of madness and devouring their souls.

Here in the Wilderness though, we are safely inured from such Lovecraftian apparitions and are just getting on with the music while we wait for January to drift into February. There’s also a track for Adrian Sanders of Separation Street who sadly passed away recently.

01. New Model Army – Young Gifted and Skint
02. Beaulieu Porch – Man Green
03. Thought Bubble – Eclipse of Reason
04. Midnight Zone – Dissolve
05. Ushti Baba – Rootless
06. Billy in the Lowground – No Chance for a Slow Dance
07. Separation Street – Water Hymn
08. Cara Dillon – Blackwater Side
09. Nothing Rhymes With Orange – Butterflies
10. Subharmonic Ensemble – Fading Colours
11. RSVP – Love Cure (DnB mix)
12. The Ambrosiacs – Annie and Alex
13. Nucleus – Song for the Bearded Lady