#123 Sounds From The Wilderness 21 Jan 2024

Some of these yoga poses are much harder than they look. The Praying Mantis is pictured here for the adventurous devotee. You can always lose your head more figuratively in the best sounds that Wiltshire and Somerset has to offer. There’s a bit of a focus on what Sheer Music are putting on at the Trowbridge Village Pump in the Jan and Feb 2024

01. Frank Sidebottom – Panic on the Streets of Timperley
02. Augustus Pablo – Rockers Rock (Ghetto Funk remix)
03. Thought Bubble – Layer Cake
04. Richard Wileman – The Last Book of English Magic
05. Kavus Torabi – The Sentinel
06. Borrowed Atlas – Keep it Low
07. Semantics – Think of a World
08. Travis Waltons – A Damn Fine Cop
09. The Worried Men – Meadow Stone
10. The Sunnies – Veridity
11. Young Francis Hifi – Julia
12. Eat Your Own Head – Come Undone
13. Brasher – Scorpions