#126 Sounds From The Wilderness 11 Feb 2024

Well, I’m being put into Holiday Club next week for half term, so I thought I’d get ahead of things by posting details of this weeks show early. As usual, loads of great new songs to prove that the local scene is full of life.

01. Toby Spin – Cogs of War/ Techno Trapper
02. Whistling Treason – Longa Farahfaza
03. Rubber Bus – See You Down Washouse Mix
04. Kuxan Suum – Molecular Exploration
05. Pale Arcadia – Stay
06. Cracked Machine – Into the Chronosphere
07. Mighty Magic Animal – Come Away
08. The Lost Trades – Long Since Gone
09. Creation Rebel – Dub from Creation
10. Donette Forte – Jah See and Jah Know
11. Nimbostrata – Synth Medley 1
12. What Joy There Is In Living – Ancient Farming Techniques