#129 Sounds From The Wilderness 03 Mar 2024

Strap up, strap on and strap in for a thrill ride through the local music scene of Wilts and Somerset. New tracks from the likes of Zion Train, League of Joy, Beth Porter and Gurt Dog Old tracks from the likes of Smart Pils, Facing the Ocean and a downright weird track from the 180Gs.

01. Zion Train – Militant Sound
02. League of Joy – Success
03. Smart Pils – mystery track
04. Gurt Dog – Trowbridge Cells
05. J4fb – Way You Move
06. Facing the Ocean – Mist Covered Mountains of Home
07. 180 Gs – Dirty Boy
08. Ichikne3 – Energy
09. The NBOs – Voort-ex
10. Beth Porter – Too Much Time
11. Johnny Dowd – Mystery Woman