#142 Sounds From The Wilderness 07 July 2024

As you can see, your erstwhile DJ has been out in the wilderness, literally dragging back all the best tunes found in the West Wilts and Somerset area. Please don’t ask him about his cable management though.
Tonight on www.westwiltsradio.com at 21:00 and repeated 14:00 on Thursdays, and hereinafter on the play again. You can literally listen as many times as you like, there’s no one policing this.
01. The Towpath Singers – Old Jack Jones
02. Asid Bacchus – Ascent of the Saint Stoney Congregation
03. Thought Bubble – No Hiding
04. The Ullulators – Subatomic Particle
05. The Upside Down Clinic – Who Killed Pop?
06. Life in Mono – Madness Part 2
07. Jasper Pattison – 612 Cadmium Yellow
08. Zion Train – We Shall Rise
09. Ushti Baba – Rootless
10. Headmix – Seven Generations
11. Peatbog Faeries – The Manali Beetle