#82 Sounds From the Wilderness 05 March 2023

First broadcast on www.westwiltsradio.com on 05 March 2023, #82 of SFTW continues to infotain, entertate and conspire with the best local sweetmeats and vegan alternatives from the local area.
This week it’s a show of two halves, featuring banging dance tunes and gentle pastoral folk. There’s also an interview with local lad Keronimmo who plays a few tunes live in the Shed for us. Things are also starting to hot up in Episode 4 of Land of Colours…

01. Kuxan Suum – Imaginary Friend
02. Caspian – Nigh Terrors
03. The Occupier – Hotel Mike Victor 1
04. Facing the Ocean – 9 Weeks of Summer
05. The Lost Trades – Petrichor
06. Brian Eno and Peter Sinfield – Land of Colours pt 4
07. Keironimmo – interview and tunes
07. The Radio Makers – I’m a Poseur
08. John D. Revelator – The Mark