Progtastic #17 (15/05/24)

Welcome aboard the good ship Progtastic. This week features Australian prog from Teramaze, Ukrainian prog from Zolar Czack, Swedish prog from Beardfish, a bit of Zappa obviously, plus homegrown offerings from Aqaba and Billy in the Lowground. Prog Ahoy!

1. Led Zeppelin – Archilles Last Stand
2. Teramaze – Step Right Up
3. Zolar Czack – Be Careful not to Wear Spiritualism as a Badge to Decorate Your Ego
4. Zolar Czack – Listen to the Silence Inside the Illusion of the World
5. Frank Zappa & the Mothers – Zolar Czakl
6. Beardfish – Green Waves
7. Supertramp – Another Man’s Woman
8. Aqaba – Mayflies
9. Billy in the Lowground – Fallen Queen
10. Peter Gabriel – Signal to Noise