Progtastic #21 (19/06/24)

The aural fisherman of prog casts his net wide this week to snare some of the best sounds around, with new European releases from Kick the Giant and Kingcrow, Scandinavian mastery from Opeth and The Vintage Caravan, cosmic jamming via the UK from Tribe of Cro and some West Texas virtuosity from El Paso based prog-meisters The Mars Volta to close the show.

1. Steve Hillage – Salmon Song
2. Kingcrow – Kintsugi
3. Kick the Giant – Stop Signs
4. Hello Sailor – Gutter Black
5. Opeth – Eternal Rains will Come
6. Vintage Caravan – Hell
7. Tribe of Cro – The Trench
8. XTC – Sgt Rock
9. The Mars Volta – Goliath