Progtastic #22 (26/06/24)

This week the holy Progtastic horn of plenty careers around the world and across genres to bring you all that is wholesome and bountiful in the Progosphere including new tracks from Izz, Tim Bowness and Cymballic Encounters, a taster of some Zappa majesty from Burger and the Beast in anticipation of their gig at the Royal Oak, Bath this Friday, a bit of rock and roll from the Hoodoo Gurus, the Blockheads and Van Hertzen Brothers, folk rock from Lindisfarne and some old-school prog from Israeli band Atmosphera to close the show.

1. Amon Duul II – I Can’t Wait
2. Izz – Soak up the Sunlight
3. Cymballic Encounters – Sacred Trees
4. Hoodoo Gurus– I was a Kamikaze Pilot
5. Burger & the Beast – Easy Meat/Eat that Question
6. Tim Bowness – Rock Hudson
7. Van Hertzen Brothers – New Day Rising
8. Lindisfarne – Lady Eleanor
9. Ian Dury & the Blockheads – Blockheads
10. Atmosphera – Lady of Shalott