Sounds From The Wilderness #100 16 July 2023

First broadcast on 16 July 2023 SFTW has got the cream of the crop from around from Wilts and Somerset for the hundredth time.
New releases from Lords of Form, Qwirk and Lytupp and then we’re headlong into festival season – there’s tunes from 3 of the bands playing at Trowbridge in the form of 3 Daft Monkeys, Sound of the Sirens and Lightgarden, and then a chance to pour a glass of the cloudy orange stuff, get settled and listen to Kev from Fuelled by Cider talk us through this year’s Outcider.
The most fun you can have with your gaiters on.
01. Lords of Form – No Fear
02. Qwirk – Squared Off
03. Lytupp – Borla
04. Charlton Lane – Moonjuice 99
05. 3 Daft Monkeys – Year of the Clown
06. Sound of the Sirens – The Hope That We Sail On
07. Lightgarden – Bluebells
08. Kev Skimmity – Interview
09. Dub Pistols – Cyclone
10. Bar Stool Preachers – Choose My Friends
11. Deux Furueses – Bring Down The Government
12. Skimmity Hitchers – The Revolution Will Not Be Pasteurised