The Lost Treasure of Aquae Sulis by Lynne Benton

An exciting mystery for our two young Roman detectives to solve. A story of family, friendship and bravery, suitable for children between 8 and 11. The third and final book of The Britannia Mysteries is set in the city of Aquae Sulis (now Bath), where Felix and Catrin hope the magical healing waters of its Sacred Spring will heal their baby brother, who is sick. However, when they arrive they hear that the city’s greatest treasure has been stolen and an innocent couple arrested and imprisoned. Now the two young detectives, together with the couple’s son, Lucius, determine to find the real culprit. But who can they trust? Then they find a body, and soon after that things become very personal indeed. They must solve this crime, and quickly.Can Catrin's second sight help them this time?And what is the secret of the Sacred Spring?

This is book three in the Brittania Mysteries series.

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