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Sounds From The Wilderness is a free-ranging thrill-ride through the wildest and most wonderful music emanating from the studios, stages and netherworlds of Wiltshire, Somerset and beyond...

Every week Mick  presents a selection of music from, or connected to, our local area. Expect to hear everything from indie-pop, punk and rock'n'roll to hip-hop, techno and drum'n'bass, plus plenty of unclassifiable stuff where the real magic happens... repeated on Thursdays at 3pm.


#116 Sounds From The Wilderness 26 November 2023

Out here in Wilderness Land we’ve been tracking down the best music in West Wilts and Somerset like a latter day Alan Lomax.
This week we’ve got tracks from Avon and Cara Means Friend before we get stuck into an exclusive chat and a few tunes with Gavin Ullulator ahead of their headline show at Kozfest Xmas Party in Glastonbury on 10 December.


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