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Sounds From The Wilderness is a free-ranging thrill-ride through the wildest and most wonderful music emanating from the studios, stages and netherworlds of Wiltshire, Somerset and beyond...

Every week Mick  presents a selection of music from, or connected to, our local area. Expect to hear everything from indie-pop, punk and rock'n'roll to hip-hop, techno and drum'n'bass, plus plenty of unclassifiable stuff where the real magic happens... repeated on Thursdays at 3pm.


#133 Sounds From The Wilderness 14 April 2024

Get yer meaty spectacles on and prepare to be dazzled by a whole load of great sounds from the West Wilts area. As an added treat in accordance with our Reithian principles, there’s some good old country blues fingerpicking to get stuck into as well as some German proto-techno and gig news for April and May.

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01. Headnoise – Doing Science
02. League of Joy – Temple of the Sengakuji
03. Lytupp – Fatty
04. John Fahey – Requiem for Mississipi John Hurt
05. Mississipi John Hurt – Frankie
06. Mr Whittler the Miniature Man – Outside Tap
07. John E Vistic – Every Purpose Under Heaven
08. Mighty Magic Animal – Come Away
09. Cantaloop – Jim Atkins (ITF Remix)
10. Super Blue Moon – Competition
11. I Smell Burning – Igaloo
12. Tangerine Dream – Thru Metamorphic Rocks


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